I Like Who I Am

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Celina is a young Mohawk girl who moves to her mother's home reserve. She is teased by her classmates who tell her that she is not Mohawk and does not belong because she has blond hair and blue eyes. Celina starts to believe her classmates and decides not to dance at an upcoming Powwow. But her great-grandmother helps Celina understand that being Mohawk is not about how she looks but about what she feels in her heart. When the drumming starts at the Powwow, Celina decides to dance after all.

A beautifully illustrated story, I Like Who I Am explores issues of bullying and belonging as Celina looks for acceptance in her new community.

Written by Tara White, Mohawk from Kahnawake, Quebec and illustrated by Lee Claremont, Mohawk/Irish and a member of the Iroquois Grand River Six Nations in Oshweken, Ontario.

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