Medicine Game

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Delby Powless
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Medicine Game by Delby Powless, Mohawk, from Six Nations of the Grand River, won the Tom Longboat Award as Canada's top Indigenous athlete in 2003 and spent his career in the National Lacrosse League with the Buffalo Bandits. Medicine Game is a story about Tommy Henry and his life on the Rez. It is a story about friendships, childhood trauma, Tommy’s his father, and how the game of Lacrosse is a gift given to the people of Sparrow Lake by the Creator. They believe that when they play the game the Creator smiles and blesses them with good health. That is why Lacrosse is known to them as Medicine Game. Lacrosse is meant to be played with a good mind and strong heart. Embracing a good mind and strong heart, Tommy must come to terms with his childhood problems and find a way to heal before he hurts himself and those he loves. This is a story of one young man’s healing journey. Caution: Mature themes.

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