The Eagle Feather Story

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Francois Prince
Grade Levels:
Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten
Dakelh, Carrier
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(Softcover book with audio download)

The Eagle Feather Story: A Dakelh (Carrier) story about respecting those that live life with integrity: A mouse, caribou, beaver, frog & coyote learn how to earn their eagle feather.

The Eagle Feather Story is an ancient and beautiful Indigenous ( Dakelh, Carrier) story about learning to respect those people who live their lives with integrity and well and properly with Mother Earth. For all ages. This story though ancient is perhaps more relevant today than ever. This 32-page book is beautifully illustrated and contains both English and Dakelh text. Learning from ancient cultures who are close to the land is a wonderful way to be introduced to Indigenous cultures.

This is a wonderful print addition for all school and home libraries and schools as the audio downloads are free and unlimited in number (ie: for each reader that checks the book out).

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