Qu'est-ce qu'on y voit? L'art autochtone de la côte nord-ouest du Pacifique / What Am I Seeing? (FR)

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Karin Clark, Andree-Marie Burton, Louise Bedard
Grade Levels:
Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve
Kwakiutl, Kwakwaka'wakw, Nuuchahnulth, Pacific NW
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Qu'est-ce qu'on y voit? L'art autochtone de la côte nord-ouest du Pacifique is the French edition for What Am I Seeing?: Pacific Northwest Coast Aboriginal Art. This edition was translated by Andree-Marie Burton and Louise Bedard. This is an informative sixty-four page guide to art created by the First Nations of the Pacific Northwest Coast. The guide is written by educator Karin Clark with the assistance of First Nations artists Jim Gilbert, Bell Helin, and Ron Stacy. The book begins with a brief overview of the First Nations who live in British Columbia. The explanation of the Potlatch is provided because this is one of important ceremonies of the First Nations for which specific regalia, masks, containers, jewelry and gifts are created. The remaining chapters describe the three dimensional objects that were created in the past and explains how these items are still created today. Creatures and beings that serve as symbols in the objects are described and explained. Important animals include the Bear, Beaver, Frog, Orca, and Humans. Birds such as Ravens, Eagles and Thunderbirds are also significant. Water creatures include the Salmon, Sea Lion, Orca, Sea Otter, and Shark (Dogfish). The design elements such as formline, ovoid, U-shape, S-shape, Box End Design, and Salmon Head Design are illustrated and described. Throughout the book there are numerous colour photographs, colour illustrations, and black and white line drawings that support the text. The book includes a map of the Pacific Northwest Coast Nations. This book provides students with information about design and form as well as cultural information about the First Nations art of British Columbia.

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