Le caribou, nourriture de notre âme / The Caribou Feed Our Soul (FR)

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Pete Enzoe, Mindy Willett
Grade Levels:
Four, Five, Six, Seven
Chipewyan, Dene, Subarctic
Book Type:
Fifth House Publishers
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Le Caribou, Nourriture de Notre Âme is the French edition of The Caribou Feed Our Soul. It is one of the titles in Fifth House Publishing's The Land Is Our Storybook series.  This Denésôliné (Chipewyan) title is designed to highlight one of the official Aboriginal language groups in the Northwest Territories.  The book presents information about the people and community of Å??utsël K’é, Northwest Territories.  Pete Enzoe is a hunter, trapper, and fisher who views his role as a protector of the caribou.  He takes readers on a respectful caribou harvest. In addition, he shares creation stories about how his people are descendants of the caribou. He also describes the spiritual areas his community is trying to protect, including Thaidene Nene, which means land of our ancestors.  The book is rich in colour photographs of people fishing, having fun, hunting caribou, preparing the hides, and telling stories.  The book contains maps, a glossary of new words, two traditional stories, and quick facts about the caribou.  French translation provided by France Benoit. Highly recommended.

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