Alex Shares his Wampum Belt

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Kelly Crawford
Grade Levels:
One, Two, Three, Four
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Union of Ontario Indians
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Alex Shares His Wampum Belt is an eight page illustrated book from Union of Ontario Indians and the importance of wampum belts and treaties for primary level students. Kelly Crawford wrote this information book about a First Nation student named Alex and his inspiration to create a wampum belt from his Lego blocks. The boy explains that treaty belts are made from wampum and they represent promises made to last. The wampum belt Alex made symbolizes the Treaty of Niagara agreement. Real wampum beads are made from white and purple shells. The colours also have meaning and the designs are used to tell the history of the belt's creation. The promises mean that First Nations agreed to share the land and they have rights as Nations. The treaty is a living promise that means all people are Treaty People. This is an important information resource for elementary students and has a page of suggested activities for teachers. Highly recommended.

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