What is Truth, Betsy? A Story of Truth

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Katherena Vermette
The Seven Teachings Stories
Grade Levels:
Kindergarten, One, Two, Three, Four
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Highwater Press
The Seven Teachings Stories
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What is Truth, Betsy? A Story of Truth is one book in The Seven Teachings Stories series from Highwater Press. Miskwaadesi is puzzled about the teaching, Truth. But she knows more than she thinks she does. Set in urban landscapes, Indigenous children tell familiar stories about home, school, and community. In this final teaching of the Seven Grandfather Teaching, a young Ojibwe girl asks about the meaning of truth. The teacher finds simple questions for this young scholar to answer. Betsy begins with asking Miskwaadesi about herself. The girl explains she is an Anishinaabe girl. Thinking about the earth, seasons, trees, sunshine Miskwaadesi finds she knows about these aspects of her world too. Digging deeper, Betsy asks Miskwaadesi, what else does she know and Miskwaadesi answers that they are all good people, some may require more help but we all were children at one time. The pair continue talking about family and community as well as the sweat lodge, healing, and ceremonies. Other aspects are the drum, the four directions, the four colours, and the four medicines. When Miskwaadesi asks Betsy about teaching one another, teacher responds by saying, this is the biggest truth of all. The illustrated picture book provides details about the circle, the drum, four directions, four medicines and sweat lodge through the colour drawings by Irene Kuziw. Métis writer Katherena Vermette has written these seven charming stories that demonstrate the simple and powerful messages contained within the Seven Grandfather Teachings.

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