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Cherie Dimaline
Grade Levels:
Adult Education, College, University
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Knopf Random Vintage Canada
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Empire of Wild by Cherie Dimaline, Metis, is the story of Joan on her way to Arcane in the Georgian Bay area by way of New Orleans with Victor., the love of her life. The  Rogarou has been seen on the roads near Arcane and is the topic of conversation around the kitchen table with Joan’s grandmother, mother, aunties and cousins and is to be avoided at all costs. When Victor goes missing after an argument with Joan she becomes depressed but doesn't give up her search for him. It's when she steps inside a revival tent that she gets her biggest break. She hears what she thinks is a familiar voice and meets Reverent Eugene Wolff. Could this be Victor, the Rogarou, or is he really the Reverent? Chasing Wolff with Zeus, her 12 year old nephew in tow, she meets other members of the revival group who draw her into their intrigue. Can she get Victor back and save her family? 

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