Les peuples autochones du Canada / Aboriginal Peoples in Canada (FR)

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Mary Joy Elijah, Keith Lickers, Kevin Reed
Grade Levels:
Cree, Inuit, Iroquois, Metis, Multiple Nations, Ojibwe
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Pearson Education

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Les Peuples Autochtones Du Canada is the French edition of Aboriginal Peoples in Canada, the 2011 textbook written for the Ontario Ministry of Education's Native Studies Grade 10 course (NAC20). Co-published by Pearson Education Canada and GoodMinds.com, this student text utilized a collaborative process involving First Nations, Inuit, Métis and non-Aboriginal teachers, cultural consultants, advisors, language consultants, artists, editors, and writers. Senior writer is Kevin Reed, and the author team includes Mary Joy Elijah, Keith Lickers, Neal McLeod, and Natasha Beeds. French translation is provided by Sine Qua Non. The result is a 416-page student history book that is informative, respectful, and engaging in its format and content. The text includes a helpful glossary of terms, pronunciation guide, index, and opening and closing prayers, greetings and farewells in several Indigenous languages. Ontario Boards of Education will receive a 15% discount when placing an order.

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