Billy Buckhorn: Supranormal

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Gary Robinson
Grade Levels:
Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine
Book Type:
7th Generation
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Gary Robinson is an author, filmmaker and digital photographic artist of Choctaw and Cherokee descent.

In book three of the Billy Buckhorn trilogy, Supranormal, Billy and his grandfather Wesley face a deadly, ancient beast that’s poised to take control of the Cherokee Nation. While Wesley and Billy summon aid from the spirit realms, Billy’s father, a college professor, puts together an archaeological team to help out—and to document the unprecedented things they’ve seen and experienced. But even with everyone pulling together, can they stop Uktena?

Book 1

The first in the trilogy, Abnormal, introduces Billy Buckhorn, a Cherokee teen who begins to experience an enhanced level of ESP after he survives being sruck by lightning. This sudden increase in power puts Billy at odds with a teacher who labels him "abnormal". Billy soon uncovers an unsavory secret from the teacher's past, and uses his psychic power to expose the teacher's true motives and stop his diabolical plan. (9781939053077)

Book 2
In this second installment of the trilogy, Paranormal, Billy and his friend Chigger continue their adventures in a hidden cave. After a horrifying accident at the cave, Billy is pronounced clinically dead on an operating table. But after a miraculous recovery, Billy discovers an ability to see and speak with the spirits of the dead, including his deceased Cherokee grandmother. When Chigger becomes possessed by an alien force, Billy knows he must return to the cave to find a clue that will save his friend. What he doesn’t know is that the Horned Serpent known to the Cherokees as Uktena, is lying in wait. (9781939053084)

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