Where Only the Elders Go, 2nd ed SS2

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Jan Bourdeau Waboose
Grade Levels:
Kindergarten, One, Two, Three
Ojibwe, Woodland
Book Type:
Penumbra Press
Copyright Date:

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Where Only The Elders Go - Moon Lake Loon Lake is a picture book for young readers by gifted Ojibwe author Jan Bourdeau Waboose. In this gentle story about the circle of life, a young Ojibwe boy hears the crying of the loon. He recalls his Mishomis (grandfather) and the teachings about life and death. Elders have a special place, Moon Lake Loon Lake, where they go at the end of their life's journey. Soft pastel watercolours capture the tranquil mood and spiritual nature of the ideas presented in the text. Moon Lake Loon Lake is a peaceful place that is sacred. When Mishomis goes to this mystical place, he recalls his life's journey from childhood, to a Chief, and to an Elder. Now it is time for the spirit of Mishomis to join the other Elders at Moon Lake Loon Lake. The author and illustrator have created a wonderful book for young children about the passing on of a beloved family member. Death is viewed as part of the circle of life. The lyrical prose repeats the calming phrase Moon Lake Loon Lake throughout the story. An excellent text for dealing with subject, which is often difficult, told by an Ojibway writer who understands the teachings of her Elders. 2nd Edition.

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