kayas nohcin I Come from a Long Time Back

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Louise Mary Rockthunder, L. Jean Okimasis, Wolvengrey Arok
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Eleven, Twelve, Adult Education, College, University
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Mary Louise (née Bangs) Rockthunder, wêpanâkit, was an Elder of Cree, Saulteaux, and Nakoda descent. Born in 1913, raised and married at nehiyawipwatinahk / Piapot First Nation. Mary Louise, a much-loved storyteller, speaks of her memories, stories, and knowledge, revealing her personal humility and her deep love and respect for her family and her nêhiyawêwin language and culture in this book. The recordings that are transcribed, edited, and translated for this book are presented in three forms: Cree syllabics, standard roman orthography (SRO) for Cree, and English. A full Cree-English glossary concludes the book, providing an additional resource for those learning the nêhiyawêwin language. Collaborating on kayas nohcin is Jean L. Okimasis, originally from White Bear First Nation, a retired Cree Language educator and Arok Wolvengrey, a Canadian linguist noted for his work with Amerindian languages.

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