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John O'Meara
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College, University
Delaware, Lenape, Woodland
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University of Toronto Press
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Delaware-English/English-Delaware Dictionary is the first modern dictionary of Munsee Delaware based on research carried out with speakers from Moraviantown, Ontario. The dictionary contains 7100 entries in the Delaware-English section and includes information on each word's grammatical category and gives examples of different inflected forms where appropriate. Also included are sample sentences used by Delaware speakers, grammatical usage and notes, cross references, and indications of words borrowed from English and Dutch. As the author notes in the introduction, the dictionary is not comprehensive. The words reflect the material collected from a limited number of Delaware speakers during the 1980s and1990s. The writing system is based on the linguistic transcription system used by Ives Goddard, and is intended to assist Delaware speakers and non-native speakers to read and write Delaware. This dictionary is an important contribution to the recovery of First Nations languages and is a valuable reference for the Delaware language.

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