Reasoning Together: The Native Critics Collective (Limited Quantities)

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Daniel Heath Justice, Christopher B Teuton, Craig S. Womack
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College, University
Multiple Nations
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University of Oklahoma Press
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Reasoning Together: The Native Critics Collective is a collection of thirteen essays by Native American literary critics brought together by editors Craig Womack, Daniel Health Justice, and Christopher Teuton. The essays are more a conversation among Native scholars about the nature of literacy critical analysis as it applies to Native American and First Nations literary efforts. The scholars represent a range of First Nations from Cree and Métis to Creek and Cherokee. They offer a unique perspective of historical and present-day literature that includes the works of Samson Occom, Winona LaDuke, and Joy Harjo. Each writer brings their own tribal sensibilities and personal life experiences into the mix of current literary theory from the mainstream. These papers represent the move toward the development of a school of thought devoted specifically to Native American literary analysis that seeks to work with the collective and cultural contexts rather than with individual literary representation. The following is the list of authors of the essays: Craig S. Womack, Sean Teuton, Phillip Carroll Morgan, Daniel Heath Justice, Cheryl Suzack, Christopher B. Teuton, Janice Acoose, Lisa Brooks, Tol Foster, Kimberly Roppolo, LeAnne Howe, and Robert Warrior.

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