For A Girl Becoming

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Joy Harjo
Grade Levels:
Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten
Creek, Multiple Nations
Book Type:
University of Arizona Press
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For a Girl Becoming by Creek poet and musician Joy Harjo is a picture book that celebrates the life stages of a girl from birth to adulthood in verse and colourful pastel illustrations. This 48-page work begins with a home birth as an extended family welcomes a new baby to the family. Both mother's and father's family bring gifts for the newborn. As the child grows and comes to new challenges and milestones her family is again encouraging her with words, blessings, and special gifts. The family offers words of knowledge as the girl grows up to be a woman of this extended family. Whether she faces grief, sadness or joy her family are present as they have been since the day of her birth. This guidance and advice for living a good life is appropriate for the First Nations girl or a girl from any cultural background as she reaches another stage of her life cycle. Highly recommended.

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