A Salmon for Simon (FNCR 2004)

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Betty Waterton
Grade Levels:
Kindergarten, One, Two
Pacific NW
Book Type:
Douglas & McIntyre

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A Salmon for Simon was first published in 1978 and it quickly became a Canadian classic. Now in its 12 printing, A Salmon for Simon tells the story of a Native boy living along the Pacific Northwest Coast. His community depends upon the salmon, and Simon spends all summer trying out his new fishing pole trying to catch one of the magnificent fish. Along the coast the salmon return from the ocean trying to locate the rivers and streams where they were born. Now September has arrived and all summer long Simon failed to catch a single salmon. One day he and his sisters were out digging for clams. Simon decided that he would linger a bit longer in hopes of catching a salmon. Simon saw all kinds of sea creatures but not a single salmon. Simon had almost given up trying when he noticed an eagle soaring overhead. Suddenly something fell from the eagle's talons. The object landed in the place where Simon was digging for clams. He immediately recognized the fallen prey as a huge salmon. The fish was still alive as it struggled to find a way out of the clam hole. Simon thought about taking the fish home for supper but suddenly noticed its beauty and strength. Simon knew he could not kill the fish and he had to help the fish in finding its way back to the ocean. He thought about carrying the fish to the water but knew it was too heavy and slippery. Then he thought he could dig a trench in the sand from the clam hole out to the sea. Simon began to dig. All afternoon he dug the trench and finally just as night fell Simon had made the long trench to the water. The trench filled with ocean saltwater and the fish wiggled to life. The salmon made its way along the water-filled trench to the freedom of the ocean. Simon was pleased when the fish reached the saltwater. He knew that he had done the right thing and was glad that the salmon returned to its home. The gentle story is illustrated by Ann Blades who won the Governor General's Literary Award for the drawings in this book. This book introduces young readers to the cycle of salmon in an interesting way. The book deals with Simon's feelings and how he took responsibility for helping the fish. Simon used problem solving and persistence when he dug the trench for the fish. A Salmon for Simon is an excellent way for teachers to introduce discussions about the seashore environment and First Nations. ATOS Reading Level: 3.9; Reading Level: 3.1; Lexile Measure: 530

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