A Girl Called Echo - vol 1 Pemmican Wars

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Katherena Vermette
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Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten
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A Girl Called Echo
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Pemmican Wars is volume 1 of the new graphic novel series, A Girl Called Echo from Highwater Press. Written by Katherena Vermette and illustrated by Scott Henderson. This young adult graphic novel is written with minimal text making this historical time travel story mixes two time periods as seen through the life story of a young teen named Echo. Echo does not live with her mother and attends a new school where she finds solace in the library. In history class Echo hears the story about the little known Pemmican Wars. Suddenly Echo finds herself transported to this historic event. Readers learn Echo's mother is Metis and knows little about her heritage. Then the story leaves readers wondering why mother and daughter live apart and will Echo find out about her ancestry. Ideal for Intermediate and secondary level readers who require high interest low vocabulary readers. The author uses a timeline and recipe for pemmican. Highly Recommended. Pemmican Wars: A Girl Called Echo, volume 1 has been selected in the Young Adult/Adult Category Longlist for First Nation Communities READ 2018.

Teacher guide: https://goodminds.com/collections/teacher-guides/products/teacher-guide-for-a-girl-called-echo-learning-about-the-history-and-culture-of-the-metis-nation-in-grades-7-8

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