Honour Earth Mother

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Basil H. Johnston
Grade Levels:
Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve, Adult Education, College, University
Ojibwe, Woodland
Book Type:
Kegedonce Press
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Honour Earth Mother: Mino-Audiaudauhi Mizzu-Kummik-Quae by noted Ojibwe author Basil Johnston examines the traditional teachings and stories of the Ojibwe that can help all readers make the connections between creation, the land, the animals, and humans. He writes in a storytelling-style that will appeal to all people who want to understand the close relationship between First Nations and the environment. The legends or traditional narratives are retold in this collection. Johnston begins by drawing the connection that the earth and all inhabitants are interrelated and that humans can learn to read the earth in the same way we read books to see this connection. Traditional stories about creation, geography, plants, animals, medicines, and Nanabosho, the Trickster are connected through the narrative of the book. Tobacco, Cedar, Sage, and Sweet Grass and their importance are explained through stories. Even insects, bugs, and butterflies receive attention. To make the connection understandable for the general reader, Johnston often offers contemporary fables or stories to make his point. As an Ojibwe linguist and teacher, Johnston uses Ojibwe terms and names throughout the text. A glossary of Ojibwe terms and place names is provided. This is a readable book that anyone interested in storytelling and the traditional spirituality of the Ojibwe will find valuable.

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