Winter in the Blood

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James Welch
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Twelve, College, University
Blackfoot, Plains, Siksika
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Winter in the Blood is a novel written by noted author James Welch (1940-2003). This Penguin Classic edition contains the novel with an introduction by Louise Erdrich. First released in 1974, Welch's work stands the test of time and remains one of the must-read novels written by a Native American author. The story is set on the Fort Belknap reservation in Montana and recreates the life of a solitary 32-year-old Blackfoot man. He lives on the reservation but also hangs out at the local bars just off the reservation. During the few days of the novel's focus, the narrator meets a Blackfoot Elder named Yellow Calf who proceeds to provide family history for the younger man. American readers found an intriguing story when the novel was first published because it did not live up to their common stereotypes of Native American men as stoic brutes who spoke in Hollywood-inspired dialogue. The themes of helping others, along with the isolated and guilt-ridden protagonist who is searching to find his place in the world all come together in this slim volume that takes readers on a superb journey.

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