Great Writers from Our First Nations

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Kim Sigafus, Lyle Ernst
First Nations Book for Young Readers Series
Grade Levels:
Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten
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Second Story Press
First Nations Book for Young Readers Series
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Great Writers from Our First Nations is the 2012 book in the series, First Nations Series for Young Readers from Second Story Press. Published in the USA as Native Writers: Voices of Power in the Native Trailblazer Series from Native Voices Books. All books in this series feature brief biography pieces about several First Nation and Native American people who show leadership in their chosen field. In this book, the authors Kim Sigafus and Lyle Ernst selected ten individuals from the USA and Canada who work in the field of literature. These men and women are all authors and their works are varied and engaging. Celebrated authors such as Ojibwe author Louise Erdrich, Kiowa/Cherokee scholar and author N. Scott Momaday, Abenaki storyteller and writer Joseph Bruchac, and Spokane/Coeur d'Alene Sherman Alexie are well-known and best selling writers residing in the United States. Choctaw writer Tim Tingle is a well-known storyteller from the United States who has authored several books about his Nation. Métis writer Maria Campbell is considered a pioneer in Aboriginal literature as she has served as storyteller, author, playwright, and scholar throughout her career. Her works are studied in high schools and university courses and she represents a strong voice in the field of Métis literature. Cree playwright and author Tomson Highway has written award-winning drams as well as novels and children's picture books. Métis Cree author Marilyn Dumont, author of A Really Good Brown Girl, is a poet and professor of creative writing. Joseph Boyden is the award-winning author of Three Day Road, Through Black Spruce, and the biography of Louis Riel and Gabriel Dumont. Niece of Maria Campbell, Nicola Campbell, is a children's book author of Shin-chi's Canoe and Shi-Shi-etko. Each biography includes a photograph and details about the activist's education, culture, and career. Highly recommended. Aboriginal Intermediate Fall 2012 Top Pick. Guided Reading Level: X

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