Inspiring Canadians Forty Brilliant Canadians and Their Visions for the Nation

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Mark Bulgutch
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Twelve, Adult Education, College, University
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Douglas & McIntyre
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Forty influential and diverse Canadians with expertise in subjects such as Indigenous rights, climate change, social justice and race, gun control, higher education and poetry reflect on everything Canada is getting right—and what still needs to change to make the country even better.

Written by Mark Bulgutch and with a foreword by Peter Mansbridge, this book collects inspiring stories and ideas from multifaceted Canadians who are compelled to make this country a better place for all—ultimately revealing that equal parts critique and celebration is the key to a thriving nation. These chapters spotlight visions of a more sustainable, equitable, welcoming—and fun!—country from People who believe in the possibility of an even better future.

Including: Perry Bellegarde on upholding the rights of Indigenous people; Adam Fenech on adapting to climate change; Najma Ahmed on ending the contagion of gun violence; Mack Rogers on how literacy solves problems; Laura Tamblyn Watts on securing the future for seniors; Katie Ward on the innovations of Canadian agriculture; Santa Ono on how higher education keeps Canada competitive; Michael Levitt on the value of an MP; Paulette Senior on equal opportunity for women; Kenneth Sherman on poetry and the human spirit; Michael Prince on ensuring dignity for people with disabilities; Donald MacPherson on how drug overdoses can be dramatically reduced; Kwame McKenzie on mental health and happiness; Duff Conacher on improving Canadian democracy; and many more.

This dynamic collection is sure to spark debate and showcase how the fabric of a country is defined by its multiplicity of voices, cultures, stories and ideas. Weaving together these diverse viewpoints, Bulgutch leads us into the future—compelling us to do the most Canadian of things: change the world, and our nation, for the better.  40 Halftones, black and white.

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