The Ice King/Le Roi de Glace

Bouton d'or AcadieSKU: 9782923518640

Mitcham, Allison
Grade Levels:
Kindergarten, One, Two, Three, Four
Mi'kmaq, Woodland
Book Type:
Bouton d'or Acadie
Wabanaki Series

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The Ice King is written by Allison Mitcham about a Mi'kmaw youth long ago who outsmarted the Ice King. This traditional Mi'kmaq legend offers the account in English, French, and Mi'kmaq. The French text, Le Roi de Glace, is translated by Corinne Gallant; the Mi'kmaq version, Mkumiey Eleke'wit, is written by Serena M. Sark. Because they did not know how to defend themselves against the Ice King, the inhabitants of a Mi'kmaq village risked death every winter - until a day when a brave Mi'kmaw dared to stand up to him. Will he manage to subdue this formidable enemy? The moral of this Mi'kmaq is evident. The wise and farsighted person knows how to cope with even the greatest difficulties. Colour illustrations by Naomi Mitcham bring the story to life for young readers. This book is recommended for read-aloud storytime. This title is part of the Wabanaki Series from Bouton d'or Acadie.

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