Warriors: Navajo Code Talkers (PB)

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Benis M. Frank, Carl Gorman, Kenji Kawano
Grade Levels:
Ten, Eleven, Twelve, Adult Education, College, University
Navajo, Southwest
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Northland Publishing
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Warriors: Navajo Code Talkers is a tribute book to the Navajo marines who served as code talkers during the Second World War. Japanese-born Kenji Kawano travelled to the United States to work as a photographer and happened to discover the Navajo code talkers' story. He had been totally unaware of the important contribution made by these cryptographers to the American war effort. He became friends with Carl Gorman, a code talker who enlisted even though he was over the age limit for service. Gorman introduced the photographer to the vast Navajo Nation and slowly Kawano found that the story of these veterans was virtually unrecognized in American history. The result is a moving photographic essay of the surviving code talkers. Seventy-five of the 400 Navajo soldiers are featured in this book. Their black and white portraits are captured with sensitivity as the men are shown in various settings from being on parade to sitting comfortably in their homes. In a few instances the veterans are shown with family members as well as with memorabilia from their service. Each image is accompanied by the man's name, clan, and service along with a brief quote from his experiences. Historical images of the code talkers are included in the introductory essay by a Marine historian. An important foreword is penned by the renowned codetalker Carl Gorman along with the photographer's reflections on this moving tribute.

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