Iron Peggy

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Marie Humber Clements
Dene, Metis
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Talon Books Ltd.
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Iron Peggy is by Marie Clements (Dene/Métis). In Iron Peggy, Peg is struggling to survive at boarding school in England. Three girls take aim at Peg and make her life utterly miserable. When her beloved Grandmother dies she just wants to disappear. Then an unexpected gift arrives; inside it, Peg finds three cast-iron Canadian soldiers. In despair, she throws them against the floor. How can they help her? They are so small, and the girls’ shadow is so big. But, miraculously, the toys come to life as Indigenous snipers from World War I, just in time to wage an epic battle against the girls. A powerful play that will appeal to audiences both young and old, Iron Peggy uses a creative and ever-surprising blend of voices and sceneries to tell this moving story. Iron Peggy celebrates First Nations participation in the war effort but also a young girl’s personal victory. 


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