The Dance of Wiindigo and Nanaboozhou

Metis Women's CircleSKU: 9780973580518

Madeleine Berglund
Grade Levels:
Eleven, Twelve, College, University
Mohawk, Multiple Nations, Ojibwe
Book Type:
Metis Women's Circle

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The Dance of Wiindigo and Nanaboozhou is a collection of First Peoples' responses to the questions of what is hatred and racism. This is a celebration of traditional teachings from Elders, activists, teachers and Wisdom Keepers of diverse Indigenous Nations. It is a story that addresses the realities of residential schools, child welfare, violence against Aboriginal Women, land reclamation, the justice system and gender/sexuality. It invites both Aboriginal and non-aboriginal people to examine what it means to transcend the historical and present prejudices that give rise to hatred and violence. Based on the Seven Grandfather Teachings, the author interviews of number of key Aboriginal people about dealing with issues surrounding racism, hatred, two-spirit, and violence. Sylvia Maracle's piece about Two-Spirit people is one of the most succinct descriptions.

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