Pride & Rezjudice

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Sara General
Grade Levels:
Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve
Book Type:
Spirit & Intent

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Pride & Rezjudice: An Adaptation is a lighthearted retelling of a classic love story from an Indigenous perspective. Elizabeth Benedict lives with her parents and sisters on Smoke River First Nation. Intelligent, creative and passionate about language learning, Elizabeth dreams of leaving her community to pursue a career in the arts. When she’s accepted into the fine arts program of a renowned university, the pieces of her future appear to fall neatly into place. But Elizabeth’s plans are thrown up in the air when Charles Bingley and the handsome and infuriating Mr. Darcy arrive in Smoke River. Before long, the lives of Elizabeth and her sisters are turned upside down as they’re forced to navigate the tricky waters of courtship, romance, heartache and scandal before coming to the far shores of understanding, compassion and epic love. A great read for those readers familiar with Jane Austen and for those who have not read any Austen romance fiction. General's characters are loosely based on Haudenosaunee women as well as classic historical fiction standards. Highly recommended for secondary level readers as well as the general reader.

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