Growing up Métis : Stories of Resiliency

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Cort Dogniez
Jade McDougall
Grade Levels:
Eleven, Twelve, Adult Education, College, University
Métis, Michif
Book Type:
Gabriel Dumont Institute
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Cort Dogniez is a proud Métis man born and raised in Saskatoon.

Cort Dogniez’s Growing up Métis: Stories of Resiliency is the second installment of his historical fiction series that began with Road to La Prairie Ronde. In two separate, but connected fictionalized stories, Cort delves into the lives of two of his foremothers: his great-grandmother, Josephine Gariepy and his grandmother, Clara Dumont when they were young. While highlighting the dispossession and marginalization of his ancestors following the 1885 Resistance, Cort deftly weaves Métis culture through these two stories with a positive “focus on nicknames, faith, storytelling, and a resilient spirit.”

Jade McDougall’s beautiful illustrations brings these poignant, coming of age stories to life. Growing up Métis: Stories of Resiliency includes Michif and Cree glossaries to reflect Josephine and Clara’s first languages as well as guide questions for educators to explore the stories and Métis culture in depth with their students.

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