Reconciliation Day Planner

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Diana Frost
Ashley Barclay
Multiple Nations
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Coil Bound
Colouring It Forward
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Colouring It Forward is honoured to have collaborated with Cree Elder John Sinclair in the design of this day planner that is dedicated to fostering Truth and Reconciliation. We also are grateful to Ashley Barclay for her artwork, to Crystal Fraser and Sara Komarnisky for allowing us to share some of their recommended Acts of Reconciliation. 

Would you like to learn more about Indigenous issues, and culture to participate more fully in reconciliation?

Our day planner offers you:

- Answers to questions about culture, issues and spirituality by Cree elder John Sinclair

- Suggested ReconciliActions

- Updates on the TRC's 94 Calls to Action: where the government is at with implementing the Calls to Action

- 3 colouring images by Metis artist Ashley Barclay

- 365 undated pages to record your meetings, your daily gratitude and your reconciliation plans!

- Each day planner sold the publisher will provide a donation to Piitoayis Family School

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