As Long As the Sun Shines

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Janet Marie Rogers
Grade Levels:
Twelve, Adult Education, College, University
Mohawk, Tuscarora
Book Type:
Bookland Press

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As Long as the Sun Shines is a collection of poems by Janet Rogers who is an award-winning Mohawk and Tuscarora poet from Six Nations of the Grand River. As Long as the Sun Shines is inspired by Janet Roger’s global perspectives. This work references the concept of forever associated with the Haudenosaunee Two Row Wampum Agreement based on relationship and environmental concern. Assembled in three sections: Nations March Together with poems such as The Ever Present Tomahawk, Know Your Generosity and Bank-notable E. Pauline; Proof of Power including Reading Cards, Change and NDNs on the Airwaves; and, Singing the Peace Hymn, which includes London Cocktail, No More Birthdays and Far Away Fires. This is a collection of poems for encountering global truths and identities.

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