i-nitotamahk kisik (Calling Down the Sky, Cree Edition)

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Solomon Ratt, Rosanna Deerchild
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Eleven, Twelve, Adult Education
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Bookland Press
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i-nitotamahk kisik is the Cree Language Edition of Rosanna Deerchild's poetry collection, Calling Down the Sky. describing deep personal experiences and post-generational effects of the First Nations residential school confinements in the 1960's when thousands of First Nations children were placed in these schools against their parents' wishes. Many were forbidden to speak their language and practice their own cultures. Rosanna Deerchild exposes how the residential schools systematically undermined First Nation cultures across Canada and disrupted families for generations, severing the ties through which culture is taught and sustained, and contributing to a general loss of language and beliefs. The devastating effects of the residential schools are far-reaching and continue to have significant impact on Indigenous communities. Rosanna Deechild is an award-winning Cree author and broadcaster. She has worked for a variety of Indigenous newspapers and major networks for over 15 years, including APTN, CBC Radio, and Global. This volume contains 38 poems expressing Deerchild’s overwhelming loss covering themes such as the loss of family and language, reconciliation, loss of hair, blankets, first day of school, names versus numbers, nuns and priests, limited food, running away, memories, guy hill residential school, and a heart-breaking poem that recounts the poet’s feelings when she recalls her mother’s residential school years. This moving collection is useful for secondary school English courses such as NBE3C and NBE3U. Highly Recommended poetry book about truth and reconciliation regarding residential schools from an outstanding Cree writer.

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