Tout petit toi / Little You (FR)

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Rachel Martinez, Richard Van Camp
Grade Levels:
Preschool, Kindergarten
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Orca Book Publishers
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Tout Petit Toi (Little You in English) is a charming and heart-warming book that welcomes a new baby into a family. Written by renowned author and storyteller Richard Van Camp, illustrated with creative flair by Julie Flett and translated Rachel Martinez, this book is a welcome addition to Indigenous family resources. Flett uses collage-like images of an infant who grows to be a toddler. This child is adored and loved by one or both parents on every other page. Simple rhyming text accompanies each image. The warm colour tones of orange, red, tan, grey and black set against a crisp white background in Flett's graphic styled images with rounded curves make this board book suitable for all families. Little You in English was the Best Picture Book at the American Indian Youth Literature Awards 2016, Winner. This book is also available in Plains Cree.

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