Case Critical, Social Services and Social Justice in Canada

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Donna Baines, Ben Carniol, Kennedy-Kish(Bell), Raven Sinclair
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Adult Education, College, University
Multiple Nations
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Between the Lines
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Case Critical, Social Services and Social Justice in Canada by Banakonda Kennedy-Kish (Bell), Awnjibinayseekwe Change Thunderbird Eagle Woman, is Bear Clan, Bowating, from Rank Reserve, Sault Ste Marie, Raven Sinclair Nehiyaw (Cree), Ben Carniol and Donna Baines, is published by Between the Lines and is now in its 7th edition. After a preface, this book begins with Ntamkidwinan First Words with a welcome of four voices including an Anishinaabe Elder’s perspective on four foundational principles: kindness, honesty, sharing, strength. In the proceeding nine chapters: Power, Ideology and Social Services; Naming and Resisting Injustices; Roots: Early Attitudes; Diverging Schools of Altruism; Social Workers: On the front line; Reality Check: service user’s experience; Challenging Feeling Hopeless; and, Toward Liberation, the chapters include a range of integrated topics. Discussions on colonialism and its consequences; residential schools and the Sixties Scoop is followed by privileges in Canadian society and beyond. Privileges and systemic inequalities generated by society’s structures and narratives impact all people and social justice calls for the dismantling of oppression and undue privileges. The history of the welfare state and schools of thought on social work is summarized in a table of social work skills in social services within these schools of thought and a diagram and discussion on four principles of good practice. Social workers, social services and social service users and the challenges around attitudes and funding is considered. Service user experiences and a sense of hopelessness mitigated through labour unions and social movements, alternative social services and a move towards challenging multiple oppressions in social work practice and Indigenous healing are included. A pendulum of practice - a tool for assessing cultural competence and transformation - supports this perspective.  In the afterword, Nawây-Pîkiskwêwina, the authors reflect on their role in case critical social services and social justice in Canada.

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