Funny Little Stories

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Arok Wolvengrey
Grade Levels:
Eleven, Twelve, College, University
Cree, Plains
Book Type:
University of Regina Press
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Funny Little Stories: Narrated by Cree-Speaking Students, Instructors and Elders is the first memoir in the First Nations Language Readers Series published by Canadian Plains Research Centre at University of Regina and First Nations University of Canada. This dual language (Cree and English) series is geared towards younger readers and beginner language readers. W awiyatÔcimowinisa, Funny Little Stories is edited with a glossary and syllabics by Arok Wolvengrey. High school student Melissa Sanderson, 14, is the illustrator of wawiyatacimowinisa, Funny Little Stories. The book contains nine little stories each told by a Cree Elder or fluent Cree speaker in the language and each story is translated by a Cree student as part of their university education. The stories include jokes or events which feature a play on words in Cree; others tell of humourous events and experiences; and the third category includes traditional stories about the Trickster-Hero Wisahkecahk.The book also has a Cree-English glossary and additional information about the Cree language. One story, I am not an Indian is a story by Elder Solomon Ratt of Starblanket First Nations about an event at residential school. Readers can view the story in syllabics or English.

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