Visioning a Mi’kmaw Humanities: Indigenizing the Academy (Pre-Order for May/22)

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Marie Ann Battiste
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Marie Ann Battiste, Mi'kmaq, is an author and educator and has been honoured with multitude of awards for her work and research.

Since the Renaissance, liberal education has as its core tradition a Eurocentric multidisciplinary humanism — the study of literature, art, philosophy and history — grounded in ancient Greek and Latin texts.

In what may be termed cognitive imperialism, the academy has largely ignored Aboriginal perspectives of humanity. In this volume, Mi’kmaw and non-Mi’kmaw scholars, teachers and educators posit an interdisciplinary approach to explicate and animate a Mi?kmaw Humanities.

Drawing on the metaphor of a basket as a multilayered metaphor for engaging postsecondary institutions, these essays reveal historical, educational, legal, philosophical, visual and economic frameworks to develop a knowledge protocol that can direct, transform and enrich conventional Humanities within the complex dynamics of territory, energy, stewardship, alterity and consciousness.

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