Indigenous Life in Canada: Residential Schools PB

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Heather Hudak
Grade Levels:
Four, Five, Six, Seven
Multiple Nations
Book Type:
Beechstreet Books
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Indigenous Life in Canada: Past, Present, Future, Residential Schools is part of a set of 32-page books produced by Red Line Editorial for Beech Street Books and edited by Marie Pearson. Designed for elementary students from grades 4 to 7 the books offer introductions to the history of Indigenous Peoples in the story of Canada. Residential School by Heather Hudak has six chapters. Chapter one defines residential schools by discussing culture, false stereotypes, missionaries and government action. Chapter two explains why residential schools were built through a discussion of the Indian Act. A map shows where these schools were located. Chapter three details life in a residential School often as forced labour and shows a school schedule. Chapter four describes the neglect and cruelty of residential schools in a chapter titled Health and Abuse. The Lasting Impact of the residential schools and intergenerational trauma are discussed in chapter five. Chapter six, End of An Era, highlights that the residential schools have closed and that it is up to Canadians to respond to the calls to action outlined in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission report because racism still exists. The book contains simply written text illustrated with maps, charts, images and photos. Each book has brief sidebars of additional information about a topic as well as suggested framing questions to assist students in critical thinking. Includes an index, information about the author, additional resources and a glossary. Levelled Guided Reading: V. Recommended.


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