Caribou Song pb

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Tomson Highway
Grade Levels:
Kindergarten, One, Two, Three
Cree, Subarctic
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Fitzhenry & Whiteside Publishing
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Caribou Song Atihko Nikamon was the first in Tomson Highway's Songs of the North children's picture book trilogy first published in 2001. Now, Caribou Song is back in print with brand-new illustrations by Dene artist John Rombough. Award-winning Cree playwright and musician Tomson Highway created this children’s book series that focuses on the lives of two Cree brothers who live in northern Manitoba with their parents and a pet dog.  The family is a traditional one that lives on the land and during the spring the family camps.  The boys occupy their days with music and dance.  Joe plays accordion (kitoochigan) while Cody loves to dance to the music.  Joe sings in Cree calling the caribou to come from the forest.  The mighty caribou herd number in the thousands and the boys sing and dance calling the caribou.  Suddenly the caribou appear by the thousands and the brothers are engulfed by the thundering herd.  Joe and Cody become separated but somehow Joe reaches his brother and together they find refuge on a big rock.  The herd of thundering hooves surrounds the boys and they become aware of the song these caribou are drumming.  It's truly a caribou song and the boys hear the song that beckons to them.  Joe and Cody embrace the spirit and collapse in laughter and joy.  Their worried parents discover the boys perched on the rock and the family is safe.  The simple text and evocative illustrations capture the joy and spirit of these two brothers who experience the intense spiritual connection to the land and the caribou.  The unique picture book is an original bilingual story is told in English and Cree. Highly Recommended. A Study Guide for Caribou Song by Red Sky Performance is available at: Author website:

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