Laughing with the Trickster : On Sex, Death, and Accordions

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Tomson Highway
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Twelve, Adult Education, College, University
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House of Anansi Press
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Ever the trickster, Tomson Highway, Cree novelist, children’s author, playwright, and musician, brings his signature irreverence to an exploration of five themes central to the human condition: language, creation, sex and gender, humour, and death.

A comparative analysis of Christian, Classical, and Cree mythologies reveals how they have given form and substance to Western thought, life, and culture. Yet Indigenous mythologies provide unique, timeless solutions to our modern problems. Tomson Highway offers generous personal anecdotes, including of his beloved accordion-playing father, and plentiful Trickster stories as guides through such crises as climate change, economic disparity, racial intolerance, and all-out unhappiness. Laughter is medicine. Within the endless circle of life in Indigenous mythologies, the Earth is a garden of joy unlimited. A world we must protect as the birthright of future generations.

Laugh with the legendary Tomson Highway as he illuminates a healing, hilarious way forward.  This is a CBC Massey Lecture.

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