Inhabiting the Earth

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Mary Moose, Leonard Moose
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Five, Six, Seven
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Indigenous Education Press
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“Our Ancestors passed, Adizookaanan, our legends, down for thousands of years, filling the long winter nights with our oral history, philosophy, and ceremonies. Ajijaak is one of our many ancient stories that our Ancestors have gifted us.  The many teachings of the animals, the stars, the Clan structures, and the four elements are brought to life through Ajijaak.

Many stories were passed on to Mary as a child. She shared Ajijaak with Leonard. Leonard’s love for the Anishinaabeg and concern that our way of life was being lost especially our oral traditions, decided he would work hard to bring the translation of Ajijaak to readers. Leonard wrote Ajijaak down in Anishinaabemowin and illustrated the story.

Mary and Leonard say our stories are written in the stars, so we can never forget the truth of our existence—we are spirits on a physical journey, with a sacred duty to understand, respect and care for the generous gifts we receive from all the beings who inhabit the earth. “

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