Treaty Baby

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Sara General and Alyssa M. General
Grade Levels:
Kindergarten, One, Two, Three
Iroquois, Multiple Nations
Book Type:
Spirit & Intent

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Treaty Baby is a 20-page children's book about the importance of treaties to First Nations by Spirit & Intent publisher located in Ohsweken, Ontario. This primary level title was co-created by sisters, Sara General and Alyssa M. General. Writing and illustrating books for children, Spirit & Intent expresses a perspective of Mohawk young women. Treaty Baby features simple, one line sentences about a female and male toddler. On the book's cover readers see the pair holding an important wampum belt representing the Evergrowing Tree of Peace. Each two-page spread tells young readers about treaties and their significance to Indigenous people. This understanding begins at birth and extends throughout life. We learn why treaties are important to our children and they are told why we honour them. Learning begins with stories because babies love stories. Treaty babies enjoy hunting and fishing, they love the sunrise, love the waters and the thunders, they love to pick berries and give thanks. This all leads to knowing our rights. The stylized illustrations capture the essence of Haudenosaunee design and symbols. The Treaty babies resemble cornhusk dolls but are drawn with eyes but no complete facial expressions. The overall feeling of the book acknowledges the way the Haudenosaunee give thanks. These subtle touches bring a unique understanding to young children about the essential nature of treaties to Indigenous people. Highly recommended.

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