Dreamfast, A Trail of Stories to Lead You Home

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Elizabeth Doxtater
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Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve, Adult Education, College, University
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Elizabeth Doxtater
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Dreamfast, A Trail of Stories to Lead You Home, by Elizabeth Doxtater is a call to Action #95 to create a time for the children and (now) adults who were taken away from communities as children to be welcomed home, so they know they were missed and know that when they return home, they will be loved and protected. Dreamfast is a collection of short stories - a dreamfast-repatriation strategy – to say welcome home. Each story and the accompanying images is part of a connecting land bridge for those children (now) adults who seek to come home. Stories include Thanksgiving Address, Where the Smoke Rises, Nu-Yah, No Face, Strawberries, Uncle Louie’s Alarm Clock, Women and Wheelbarrows, Eclipse, Elderberry Jam, Planting Time, Two Row Wampum Treaty Belt, What They Couldn’t Take, Bread and Cheese, Trees, Second Hay, Haldimand Deed, Practicing Peace, Six Nations, Overnighters, Clans, Fields That Continue, Sally During the War, Hunting, Tobacco Farms, Mush Hole, Thunder Boy, Tecumseh’s Victory Dance, and Closing Address. There is an appendix Standing Quiver, Dreamfaster’s Words and Notes to Save Your Stories.

Born and raised on the Six Nations of the Grand River Territory, Elizabeth Doxtater, celebrates empowerment through her work as a cornhusk artist, beadwork artist, painter and writer.
This book is a good read and introduction to all those who are Welcoming Back Home. It provides a good snapshot of a bit of our history, our traditions, and some stories of how life was on the reserve. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it as it brought back so many memories to me of my childhood. It also has made me wish I could have heard more stories from my parents and grandparents. Well done Betts! -Ava Hill Mohawk, wolf clan. Six Nations Band Council Chief.

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