Wabanaki Series: Glooscap, the Beavers and the Sugarloaf Mountain/Glooscap, les castors et le Mont Sugarloaf

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Allison Mitcham, Serena M. Sock
Wabanaki Series
Grade Levels:
Four, Five, Six
Mi'kmaq, Woodland
Book Type:
Bouton D'or Acadie
Wabanaki Series
Copyright Date:

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Glooscap, the Beavers and the Sugarloaf Mountain; Glooscap, les castors et le Mont Sugarloaf Klu'skap, kopitk aqq Sugarloaf Mountain is the trilingual traditional story in the Wabanaki Series from Bouton D'or Acadie publishers. This story is told in Mi'kmaq by Serena Sock, translated into English by Allison Mitcham; and retold in French by Rejean Roy. After creating the Mi’kmaq, the great Glooscap was certain that he had established harmony on earth. But a problem remained: the beavers had built a huge dam across the Restigouche River, preventing the salmon from swimming upriver as far as the camp of the Mi’kmaq who had come to fish there. Young Mi’kmaq men were convinced they could remedy the situation. However, completely failing to put things right, they asked the loon to call Glooscap to help them. Glooscap had promised the people they could always call upon him in times of trouble. Glooscap saw what the giant beavers had done and helped the people by making the beavers much smaller animals and smashing the huge dam. The results were the creation of Sugarloaf Mountain, and other geographic features around the Bay of Chaleur in New Brunswick. Colourful drawings by Rejean Roy support the text by bringing this unique geography lesson to life.


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