Algonquin Legacy, An Algonquin Quest Novel 4

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Rick Revelle
Algonquin Quest Novel Series
Grade Levels:
Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven
Algonquin, Nippissing, Haudenosaunee, Huron, Iroquois
Book Type:
Fitzhenry & Whiteside Publishing
Algonquin Quest Novel Series
Copyright Date:
Publication Date:
Aug 25/21

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Algonquin Legacy is the fourth book in Rick Revelle's Algonquin Quest series. Rick Revelle is a member of Ardoch Algonquin First Nation. This book starts out about 15 years after the Battle of Crow Wing River where the combined allies of the Anishinaabe had fought the powerful nation of the Lakota in the Lakota home lands. When the Anishinaabe returned to their village the decision was made to go towards the western sun to settle. This decision came at great cost to the surviving family unit of the late Omàmiwinini (Algonquin) leader Mahingan. This split up a very strong family. Algonquin Legacy now finds the Anishinaabe people and their allies, who had come with them from the Eastern Lands of Turtle Island, now living in what is now Manitoba. The story takes the reader into a Blackfoot village as they try to survive a fierce winter and then go on a buffalo hunt in the spring. This novel continues on in the tradition of the previous three with Native languages in the vernacular, teachings about the culture of that era, hunting practices and how they lived day to day. Life before the Europeans, before the Four Horsemen of the Native Apocalypse came into their lives; Disease, Alcohol, Guns and Religion.

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