The following comments speak volumes of how a few of the GoodMinds.com customers feel about working with us. We welcome you to share your experience working with us.

As one customer said, “I want to make sure that they (the GoodMinds.com team) have an understanding of the deep appreciation and gratitude that so many of us in the education field have for the work they do.”

"Customer service, delivery, book selection capabilities/quality of selection…,” said another.  “I have no time to critique everything that passes my desk in terms of questioning appropriateness and I know if I’ve asked Sheila (Staats), then I can trust her judgment. That is really important to me.  As well, (their) continuity and consistency (are important). I always know who I am talking to and they know me.”

These comments illustrate the care and professionalism our team demonstrates:

“I appreciate that they make my emergencies their emergencies.”

“GoodMinds.com offers a wonderful selection of Native resources in one place and the expertise behind it, as well as genuine heart and spirit. They offer good customer service and good relationships. I like their people.
I don’t think you could ask for better than that.”

“The attention to our specific queries and wide variety of solutions they offer really pinpoint what we need.
They anticipate ideas we hadn’t thought of.”