Without Reservation

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Jeff Benedict
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College, University
Pequot, Woodland
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HarperCollins Canada
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With great detail, Without Reservation: How A Controversial Indian Tribe Rose to Power and Built the World's Largest Casino tells the story of the rise of the richest Native American Nation in history. In 1973, an elderly American Indian woman dies with nothing left of her Nation but a 214-acre tract of abandoned forest. It seems to be the end of the Mashantucket Pequot people. But it is just the beginning. Over the next three decades, the reservation grows to nearly 2,000 acres, home to more than 600 tribal members. It has also become home to Foxwoods, the largest casino in the world, grossing more than $1 billion a year. Without Reservation reveals the roots of today's Pequot Nation, the racial tension that divides its members, and the internal power struggle over who will control the Nation's funds. Author Jeff Benedict brings a one-sided view to this issue of Indigenous Peoples and gaming.

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