Native American Mathematics

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Michael P. Closs
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College, University
Multiple Nations
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University of Texas Press
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13 scholarly articles about Indigenous mathematics in the Americas: Native American Number System by Michael P Closs; Numerical Representations in North American Rock Art by William Breen Murray; Some Notes on Quantification and Numerals in an Amazon Indian Language by Maurizio Covaz Gnerre; The Calendrical and Numerical Systems of the Nootka by William J. Folan; Chumash Numerals by Madison S. Beeler; Cultural Ecology of Mathematics: Ojibway and Inuit Hunters by J. Peter Denny; Tallies and the Ritual Use of Number in Ojibway Pictography by Michael P. Closs; A Survey of Aztec Numbers and Their Uses by Stanley E. Payne and Michael P. Closs; Decipherment and Some Implications of Aztec Numerical Glyphs by Herbert R. Harvey and Barbara J. Williams; Mathematical Ideas of the Incas by Marcia Ascher; The Mathematical Notation of the Ancient Maya by Michael P. Closs; The Zero in the Mayan Numerical Notation by A. Seidenberg; and In Search of Mesoamerican Geometry by Francine Vinette.

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