American Indian Myths & Legends

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Richard Erdoes, Alfonso Ortiz
Grade Levels:
Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve, College, University
Multiple Nations
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Random House
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American Indian Myths and Legends is a collection of 166 legends “from the heart and soul of the Native people of North America. Some have been told for thousands of years, and they are still being told and retold, reshaped, refitted to meet their audience’s changing needs, even created anew out of a contemporary man’s or woman’s vision. They arise out of the Earth – the plants, herbs, and animals which are integral parts of the human realm. They are embedded in the Ancient Languages and flow according to the rhythms of the natural world - a different pace indeed from that of a technological, man-made environment (Introduction). From 80 tribal groups over 10 chapters, this collection gives us a rich representation of Native American myths and legends. From across the continent comes stories of Creation and Love; Heroes and War; Animals, Tricksters, and the end of the world. In addition to outstanding 19th century selections, compiled by the editors Richard Erdoes and Alfonso Ortiz, this book also includes contemporary Native American Voices.

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