One Dead Indian

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Peter Edwards
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Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve, College, University
Ojibwe, Woodland
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McClelland & Stewart
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One Dead Indian: The Premier, The Police, and The Ipperwash Crisis examines the tragic death of Dudley George on September 6th 1995 at the hands of a heavily armed OPP officer. Toronto Star investigative reporter Peter Edwards details the events that led to the tragedy at Ipperwash located along Lake Huron in southwestern Ontario. The book reveals what led up to the shooting of Dudley George, the role of the Ontario government premier Mike Harris, and the actions of the Ontario Provincial Police. The 38-year-old Ojibwe man supported the people of Stoney Point as they attempted to pressure the federal government into returning expropriated land belonging to the First Nation. The Native people in the provincial park were unarmed, and despite a police policy of negotiation, the OPP were ordered to remove the Indians from the park. Under cover of darkness, the OPP Tactics and Rescue Squad (TRU) attacked the peaceful group of Elders, women, children, and young men. The result was the death of Dudley George, and the beating of others. The events at Ipperwash are recounted in narrative-style with direct quotes from the people involved. Two chapters are devoted to background information that set the historical context and recount the basis for the Stoney Point land claim. In an effort to understand the events that led to Dudley's murder, the George family has called repeatedly for an official inquiry. Unfortunately, the Ontario premier is the person who must call for the inquiry. Mike Harris and his government officials are believed by the author to be the source for the tragic events six years ago. Harris continues to refuse to call an inquiry. In an attempt to pressure Harris, the George family launched a civil court action against the premier and the OPP. The author describes in meticulous detail the various methods used by Harris and his legal team to prevent the civil action from proceeding. The George family maintains that they will stop their lawsuit if the premiere will only call an inquiry into Dudley's death. Author Peter Edwards has set out the events in chronological order. Throughout the book he seeks explanations for police and government actions in dealing with the peaceful protest for the return of First Nation's land. He has managed to locate a substantial amount of government documents that place the premier of Ontario at the heart of the action. He documents the amount of money the police action consumed, and the amount of money Ontario taxpayers have contributed to the premier's legal defense in stalling the George family lawsuit. In the wake of the Walkerton Inquiry, the George family, the Stoney Point people, and the people of Ontario deserve to know the truth about the killing of Dudley George through an official inquiry. Paper Edition.

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