Moose Meat & Wild Rice

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Basil H. Johnston
Grade Levels:
Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve, College, University
Ojibwe, Woodland
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McClelland & Stewart
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Moose Meat and Wild Rice is a collection of 22 short stories by noted Ojibway historian and storyteller, Basil Johnston. He has set these fictional stories in a community called Moose Meat Point. Based on community stories he heard in his home community of Parry Island Reserve, Johnston weaves subtle humour with gentle satire. His stories reflect a time in the post-war period when Indian and Northern Affairs bureaucrats controlled reserve life. “A Sign of the Times” recounts a meeting held with Cree and Ojibway leaders and various government officials and academics. The government has recently decided that it will no longer make unilateral decisions for status Indians. The story recounts in humourous detail how the language barrier and the many problems involved in communicating ideas across cultures can effect a simple consultation meeting. Other stories recount episodes of failed hunting trips; dealings between reserve members and the church, and racism. All stories are told with warmth and wit. As Johnston notes in the Epilogue, the original stories recounted in the Ojibway language often lose something when they are retold in English but this collection effectively conveys the humour inherent in Ojibway storytelling. This collection is a valuable resource for anyone interested in First Nations/Native American literature. In the US, this book is published as Ojibway Tales by University of Nebraska Press.

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