Eagle Down Is Our Law

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Antonia Mills
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College, University
Pacific NW, Wet'suwet'en
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UBC Press
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Eagle Down is Our Law: Witsuwit'en Law, Feasts, and Land Claims by anthropologist Antonia Mills presents her testimony and contextual information about the 1991 court case, Delgamuukw v. the Queen. The Witsuwit'en and Gitksan of British Columbia argued that they maintained their inherent Aboriginal title to their traditional territories in a province that has historically seen few treaties signed. The book presents the information about the laws, feasts, and institutions of the Witsuwit'en in an effort to establish the First Nation's ownership of their traditional territory in north-central British Columbia. The chapters cover the nature of Witsuwit'en society; the nature and function of the Witsuwit'en feast; the history of the Witsuwit'en; and their laws and institutions. Introductions and forewords are provided by Chief Gisdaywa (Alfred Joseph) of the Witsuwit'en, Chief Mas Gak (Don Ryan) of the Gitksan, anthropologist Michael Kew, and legal scholar Michael Jackson. In the epilogue, the author provides details about the outcome of the provincial appeal and what the Gitksan and Witsuwit'en have done since the decision to further address the issues of Aboriginal rights.

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