The Red Man's On The Warpath

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R. Scott Sheffield
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Twelve, College, University
Multiple Nations
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UBC Press
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During the Second World War, thousands of First Nations people joined in the national crusade to defend freedom and democracy. High rates of Native enlistment and public demonstrations of patriotism encouraged Canadians to re-examine the roles and status of Native people in Canadian society. The Red Man's on the Warpath explores how wartime symbolism and imagery propelled the "Indian problem" onto the national agenda, and why assimilation remained the goal of post-war Canadian Indian policy | even though the war required that it be rationalized in new ways. The word "Indian" conjured up a complex framework of visual imagery, stereotypes, and assumptions that enabled English Canadians to explain the place of First Nations people in the national story. Sheffield examines how First Nations people were discussed in both the administrative and public realms. Drawing upon an impressive array of archival records, newspapers, and popular magazines, he tracks continuities and changes in the image of the "Indian" before, during, and immediately after the Second World War. Informed by current academic debates and theoretical perspectives, this book will interest scholars in the fields of Native-Newcomer and race relations, war and society, communications studies, and post-Confederation Canadian history. Sheffield's lively style makes it accessible to a broader readership.

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